IWD2023: Meet Kim McCready

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, we’re celebrating and introducing key women here at Teladoc Health UK, without whom our virtual healthcare delivery wouldn’t be possible.


 #IWD2023 | Meet Kim McCready, Head of Clinical Operations and Governance Lead


What are your qualifications?
  • Management and Leadership degree
  • Level 7 Executive Diploma: Strategic Management & Leadership
  • Level 5 Diploma: Management & Leadership
  • Level 3 Certificate in Personnel Practice (HR)
Tell us a bit about your professional life

I am Head of Clinical Operations and Governance Lead based in Herefordshire, England. I started my career in HR for the local authority and during my career have had many roles within the public and private sectors from HR, OD & Training, Project Management, Operations and Service Delivery to Governance, compliance and Quality Assurance. Outside of work, I help my husband run his business, am a Trustee for a Mental Health charity, enjoy watching my daughters compete in their sports (Football and Gymnastics) and love taking my Czechoslovakian Wolfdog for long walks across the beautiful countryside.

Why did you choose your specialty/job role?

I am passionate about making a difference and having a positive impact to people’s health and wellbeing in both my professional and personal life. I strive on working in a fast paced, ever changing environment and working in healthcare provides that opportunity for me. Clinical Operations provides leadership and operational management for all clinical services and ensures excellence in the delivery of BAU and patient care.

I have a huge passion for staff. I love that I am able to provide staff leadership and management to enable employees to achieve their full potential within their roles. Ensuring that personal development, work-life balance, challenge and support come together to create the optimal environment for achievement and job satisfaction.

What’s the most interesting/memorable case you’ve been involved in your career?

One memorable thing in my career has got to be planning and delivering Covid-19 services during the height of the pandemic – from setting up red, amber & green hubs and home visiting, to the rollout of the Covid Vaccination programme which will go down in history! One service was a ‘super green clinic’ which offered a safe environment for the most vulnerable ‘shielding’ patients to receive non-covid related medical interventions e.g. medications, blood tests and essential injections. This service also won a prestigious national Nursing Times Award. Immensely proud of what my teams and myself achieved.

What do you most enjoy about working for Teladoc Health?

We have a wonderful culture at Teladoc Health. We have hard working, talented, passionate and inclusive leaders and staff providing a wide range of high quality innovative healthcare services and it’s such a pleasure being part of the Teladoc family.

In light of International Women’s Day 2023, how do you think that female patients in particular can benefit from the Expert Medical Opinion service?

Female patients can benefit from the fantastic holistic services we provide from Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Mental Health, GP and EMO. Our exceptionally unique Expert Medical Opinion allows patients to access world leading experts for conditions such as Endometriosis, Menopause, Fertility and many more.

Our services provide comfort and convenience – you don’t have to drive to the doctors and sit in a waiting room. You can see your healthcare professional from the comfort of your own home. Virtual visits can be easier to fit into a busy schedule. Depending on the medical issue and patient type, digital engagement and follow-up can extremely benefit treatment outcomes and quality of life.

Are you involved in any other organisations or charity work?

My husband has his own business within Forestry so I am his PA and Accountant, though on a ‘volunteer’ basis ????

I am a Trustee for a Farming Mental Health charity in Herefordshire called ‘We are Farming Minds’. We Are Farming Minds is a registered charity, set up to help raise mental health awareness in the farming communities of Herefordshire and support the wellbeing of farmers across the land. Providing a 24/7 helpline, mental health training to individuals and professionals in the farming community, funding for professional counselling if required and social events to combat isolation and bring farmers together.

What is the professional achievement you’re most proud of?

My whole career! Previous roles and opportunities have given me the knowledge, skills and experience in a variety of sectors (public & private) to get me to where I am today. And I am grateful to those that helped me along the way, especially my Mum who has always been a role model to me and my biggest supporter!

Tell us about yourself

I have two incredible daughters that like myself with my Mum, I am raising to be strong independent women, instilling strong work ethics and morals. With hard work, passion, persistence and determination, they can achieve anything!

My home life keeps me very busy with running my daughters around to football and gymnastics, running my husband’s business, Trustee for the charity and currently project managing our house being built. One thing I enjoy is walking our Czechoslovakian Wolfdog across the beautiful countryside in Herefordshire.



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