A Modern Alternative to EAPs

EAPs (Employee Assistance Programmes) are a stalwart of employers’ workplace wellbeing strategies. In 2023, an estimated 75% of the UK workforce had access to one. But is it time for a review?

If employers see low EAP usage rates and negative feedback from employees, it might be.

Here are four questions to ask:

1) Is an EAP the right tool for us? Technology is revolutionising digital health, and virtual healthcare solutions can provide a modern, innovative alternative to a traditional EAP. Healthcare rarely fits a 9 to 5 pattern, so if someone needs support for a sick child in the early hours of the morning, a virtual healthcare solution with 24-hour care, 365 days a year, is there for them. Virtual healthcare is also a fast-moving discipline. Providers should be able to show their commitment to continuous clinical innovation and platform improvements at scale rather than a set-and-forget approach.

2) Will employees have access to high-quality holistic care? Some traditional EAPs struggle to seamlessly support the whole person. In contrast, virtual healthcare solutions integrate disciplines such as online GP, mental health support, virtual physio, nutrition, and expert medical opinion services to ensure patients get the right service at the right time.

3) How will employees find out about the service? Your virtual healthcare provider should offer experienced account managers and a dedicated marketing team to drive engagement and raise employee awareness. A digital multi-platform approach means employees can access services across different devices and settings to suit their needs.

4) Do employees value the services? It’s important to measure employees’ satisfaction and the impact on their lives and lifestyle. The modern virtual care provider will provide statistics, including the percentage of patients avoiding hospital visits, reduced time off work or quicker return to work, changes in diagnosis and treatment, and improved mental health, including those moving into a non-clinical range.

Innovative, dynamic services such as virtual healthcare solutions are a modern alternative to EAPs.

Virtual Healthcare provides high-quality clinical support whenever and wherever employees need it across various disciplines. It is backed up by exceptional communications and a total commitment to continuous innovation. It creates a service that delivers genuine impact and value for employees and employers.

Author: Dominic Howard, Director of Strategic Partnerships


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