5 minutes with a Physio… John Melena

John has been a physio for 16 years, he works for Teladoc Health two days a week and then at his local practice 3/4 days a week.

John talks to us about what he thinks of the virtual physio service, what patients can expect, and some top tips for achieving healthier physical wellbeing.


What do you like most about being a Physio?

The puzzle of everybody being different and requiring a different approach to their condition, then figuring out how best to help. When that all goes well and seeing a positive outcome, I have been involved in is very rewarding.

What do you like most about TDH’s approach? How is the service different from other physio services available?

The fact the patient’s needs are central to the advice and care we give. We accept that Telehealth has limitations and guide/ direct patients accordingly when we are not the best to deal with their issues – but that education, alongside doing what is right for the patient, is encouraged and fostered.

Can you share some recent anon examples of how you have helped patients coming into the service?

A lady with long-standing neck pain which was affecting her work, social life and having a negative affect on her relationships. Talking with her raised a few steps that could be taken straight away – changing the set-up of her workstation (using a laptop stand and separate keyboard/ mouse), advice regarding stretches and heat to treat the area. One week later, the neck pain was significantly better and as a manager had taken the next step to order more laptop stands/ keyboards etc. to help her whole team.

What advice would you give a patient thinking of using the service but unsure?

You are in control – so ask away and get your concerns off your chest, if you speak with us, there is always some advice we can give. Even if the subsequent journey is not with a physiotherapist, the advice and having any concerns addressed, is often very useful and beneficial.

What do you most enjoy about working for Teladoc Health?

Flexibility around seeing patients in my own clinic and the ability to talk to people from around the UK on the same day – always interested in what the weather is like elsewhere!

Can you describe a typical working day (or week) at Teladoc Health? What types of symptoms present the most?

It’s a mixed bag and that’s what I like. Most common issues so far – shoulders, knees and lower backs.

What is the professional achievement you’re most proud of?

Graduating as a physiotherapist – the first and the biggest in my eyes.

What do you like doing to relax and take care of your wellbeing?

Playing with my kids, gardening, playing various sports, doing puzzles.

How do you sustain your own physical wellbeing?

The same as how I relax – playing with my kids, gardening, playing various sports, doing puzzles. Healthy mind and healthy(ish) body – it needs work!

What’s your typical breakfast and go-to snacks?

I’m not a breakfast person, but snack wise – unsalted mixed nuts – love them! (I maybe love them a little too much!).

What are your top 5 tips for people looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle?

Consistency, consistency, consistency, consistency and consistency! It’s a bit boring, but any small change can make a big difference, so long as you stick with it. You can have the best plan in the world on paper, but if you do it for week then stop it won’t change much – but finding something that sticks, that’s to key to a healthier lifestyle.


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