"Fantastic GP service for Mum-to-be in scary situation"

Florence Munday, a mum-to-be, speaks about how the Teladoc Health virtual GP service was there for her when she needed quick advice and re-assurance in a scary situation

“When I was driving to work, I felt a lot of discomfort in my lower abdomen and being pregnant, I panicked. I tried to call my midwife, but because it was before 9:00 AM, they were not available, so I thought I would call the virtual doctor service (an employee benefit).

I made a call request (via the app) and got a call back within about three minutes. The fact that I got to speak to someone immediately was very comforting.

The doctor asked me some questions, and because I am pregnant, he advised that I go and seek further medical assistance at A&E. This made me a little bit nervous, but I knew it was best to follow his advice and get myself checked. The doctor was very reassuring and emphasized that he did not want to make me panic; he just wanted me to be safe and get checked over by someone at a face-to-face appointment. Luckily, I was with my partner, so we went up to A&E, and everything was found to be ok. It was reassuring to get that kind of confirmation this quickly from the GP and the hospital.

I have used the virtual GP service a few times before this incident, and each time, I have found it really useful. I think it’s an excellent benefit and promote it daily to my colleagues! I also used the mental health service when I experienced pretty bad anxiety. I was referred to the Mental Health service by a virtual GP –  I completed six beneficial sessions with the counsellor. That was easily accessible too.”

Patient statement:  ‘The Teladoc Health virtual healthcare service I have via my employee benefits is fantastic, efficient, and reliable.

I have obtained much faster than standard GP consultations and Mental Health consultations. I can also arrange the calls at the time and place of my choosing. ”



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