"So impressed – call back and e-prescription within a few hours."

"My temperature had rocketed - I felt awful"

A 28-year-old female contacted the Teladoc Health GP service as she had a sore throat, was aching and felt very tired. The patient advised that she had developed a sore throat, and her temperature had been 37.1C at its highest.  Her lymph node in the left-hand side of her neck was swollen, and she had what looked like a blister on her left tonsil.

The doctor diagnosed tonsillitis and advised that the patient take a course of antibiotics which should ease the symptoms.  The patient was encouraged to contact the service again should her symptoms not improve or she develop any other symptoms.

Patient statement:

“So impressed with the service, had a call back within an hour and a prescription waiting for me within a few hours at my local pharmacy. Great service!”

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