"Brilliant Virtual Physio service has helped me avoid taking time off work."

Reza Hamidi, a busy dad of two toddlers, talks about how our Virtual Physiotherapy service has helped him stay in work

“I had been suffering from bilateral upper hip pain for a few months before virtual physio was introduced within our company. I struggled to get in and out of the car and had trouble sleeping. I was also limited by the exercises I could do at the gym; I felt restrained from everything I wanted to do. I contacted my NHS GP, but the wait for an appointment was long, so I signed up immediately when the Virtual Physio program was launched.

Step-by-step approach

I filled in a triage questionnaire and arranged for the first appointment with my chosen physiotherapist, William Kenton. Will listened to my whole medical history and suggested a step-by-step approach. At the first consultation, we went through all the symptoms, drilling down to the bottom of the issue and identifying the possible causes. Will diagnosed me with Hip Gluteal Tendinopathy and immediately set me on a less impactful exercise plan. We agreed to catch up regularly and spaced out the appointments so he could monitor my progress.

I have completed six sessions, and the effort has been paying off, I feel like the symptoms never existed. I’ve also strengthened my hamstrings and my leg muscles.

Enjoyable exercises

I enjoyed the exercises Will gave me, and not only did he help me cure my hip pain, but he taught me a few additional activities and positions that helped me improve my posture and look after my back and hip. He was not only focusing on the presenting issue but also included exercises to prevent me from having further problems.

Had I not taken care of this problem, it would have led to more strains on my hip, mobility loss, and eventually muscle loss. NHS waiting times are incredibly long, whereas, with the Teladoc Health Virtual Physiotherapy service, I could immediately book an appointment, get diagnosed, and receive continuous support.

It was just brilliant and helped me avoid taking time off work. I could also attend the sessions and do the exercises from the comfort of my home, which is fantastic!”


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