"Nutritionist helped me achieve a healthy plant-based diet."

Anon, Policy Holder, provides feedback on how Teladoc Health's services made a difference...

“I needed support to achieve a healthy and complete plant-based diet.”

The 32-year-old male patient was following an entirely plant-based diet, lacking certain micronutrients, and having an uneven balance of macronutrients and low protein intake.  The nutritionist provided him with advice on essential micronutrients for a vegan diet, as well as practical examples of foods to include, including B12, iodine, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids, amongst others.

He was advised to eat little and often and ensure that he was fuelling correctly around training sessions with protein and complex carbohydrates to promote muscle protein synthesis. The nutritionist also provided him with a list of vegan protein sources and advised on portion control, increasing fibre, and whole-grain consumption. He was also provided with meal and snack suggestions in addition to an example diet plan and advised that he could get further advice and guidance from the nutritionist team via email or by arranging a follow-up consultation.

Patient statement: 

“Many thanks for the call and for the supporting documents. I want to say I am really pleased with the quality of these, the service, and the conversations. Thanks again, excellent service!”

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