"I was so lucky. The virtual GP really saved my life."

Kevin Lay, Policy Holder provides feedback on how Teladoc Health's services made a difference to him...

“I contacted the service because I was experiencing extreme stomach pains. The previous day I had been sent home from A&E with medication to help with the pain but it was getting worse. After booking an appointment through the app, I was called back within the hour by a virtual GP, who told me instantly that it was my appendix and advised me to return to A&E urgently. Half an hour later I was back at A&E and was told they would need to remove my appendix.

The Teladoc Health GP was the only one to diagnose me correctly. It was quite amazing. I would have stayed at home because both my own GP and a consultant in A&E told me not to worry.

The GP I spoke to was amazing; she was phenomenal. I was literally on the phone for less than 20 minutes, and she instantly knew what it was. I was in such a bad state that I couldn’t even walk – it was terrible. I just knew something was wrong; I had never had such pain in my life. When I arrived back at A&E, they couldn’t operate that night, but because I was so ill, vomiting blood and everything, they had to wait an extra day before surgery. My appendix was necrotic, and when they removed it, they found out it had perforated – I was so lucky. It was just shocking what happened to me. The Teladoc Health GP really saved my life.

This was the first time I’ve used this service, and I found the process so quick, and the app was very easy to use. It was a lot easier than making an appointment with my own doctor. Even though they are 10 minutes up the road, it is impossible to get an appointment. The Teladoc Health service is professional and more accessible than my local GP surgery. The whole experience has made everything so much easier for me – thank you!”

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