"Good advice for managing my migraine attacks."

 Adele M, Policy Holder tells her story of how Teladoc Health's services made a difference...

“How could I manage my migraines?”

“I was experiencing an increase in migraine attacks and was concerned as the frequency and intensity were getting worse, so I called the Teladoc Health GP service for advice. I had a call back within a couple of hours – which was impressive as you wouldn’t get that from your local doctor surgery unless it was something really serious. It was reassuring to speak to the GP as they gave me good advice on how I could manage my migraines. The service was very efficient, and the doctor was immensely patient with me. Usually, if I go to my own GP, they are so busy; you have a 10-minute slot and that’s it. Whereas I felt with Teladoc Health GP, I had more time with the doctor to go through things in a bit more depth.

People are wary of accessing the NHS because they think that the NHS is so busy. But people still need to be getting their medical advice and this service is a good alternative. I’ve used the (Teladoc Health) service twice, and it’s great – I’ve told all my colleagues about it and encouraged them to use it too, as it’s the same level of confidentiality as speaking to your own GP.”

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