"‘Fantastic service’ 4 year old’s skin condition treated quickly"

Anon, Policy Holder provides feedback on how Teladoc Health's services made a difference to her child...

“I needed help to tackle my 4-year-old boy’s skin condition.”

A 4-year-old boy had developed dry, bumpy skin on his cheeks and on the top of his shoulders over an 18-month period. His mother advised that his rash flared up more when he was cold, and it could be itchy at times, but otherwise, he was well in himself. She had tried several creams without success and advised that when she bathed him, she used water and baby-specific bath products. The Teladoc Health GP diagnosed the patient with a skin condition that caused dry and irritated skin and advised the mother to try an alternative moisturiser and bath solution. He also prescribed the patient a topical steroid ointment to use for a week. The mother was encouraged to contact the service again if there was no improvement or if she had any further queries or concerns.

Patient Statement: 

“Fantastic service, especially for busy families, and being able to avoid the doctor’s surgery is very beneficial.”

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