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Why is Teladoc Health your partner of choice?

Sue explains

“TDH is our partner of choice because they are the global leader in virtual telehealth care. What that’s meant for us in terms of a long-term partnership is that we know they are an organisation who are incredibly innovative and has been able to scale its business as we grow our business and bring new innovation into our marketplace.

How has Smart Health positively impacted your growth and retention goals?

Smart Health (delivered by Teladoc Health UK) is now an award-winning service, and that means it helps us both win new business and retain new business. In the group market, it means that employers really see the value of their employees having access to things like GPs, and Mental Health professionals, and in the individual market, it means that our customers get value every day from their insurance – not just that one day when they might have to claim.

What support does Teladoc Health provide?

The support we get from TDH is the kind of support you would expect from a global expert, but I think that one of the things that I wanted to pull out is the culture of working with the TDH team. I thought I might do that by telling a story because it speaks to the culture of TDH. The story is about one of our customers experiencing mental health problems. He actually attended the TDH office in the UK out of the blue, where he was treated most compassionately with a great understanding of the vulnerabilities that he was showing. He was seen by one of the TDH doctors, who spoke to him and helped him on the day. Then the TDH doctor reached out to his NHS GP to ensure he was cared for within the NHS service. TDH subsequently reached out to us so that we could update our records to ensure that we could provide the same degree of care and compassion to him. I think that’s a story that really brings to life why we love working with Teladoc Health.”



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