Vaping | How do we support members who want to stop?


Vaping products have become the most popular aid used by smokers when attempting to stop smoking. But what happens when users want to stop?

Here, Kate Abbitt, Advanced Nurse Practitioner at Teladoc Health UK, discusses how our team supports service users in their vaping cessation efforts.


Vapes are considerably less harmful than smoking because they do not involve the burning of tobacco.

Evidence indicates that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to health than smoking tobacco.

While some people are happy to vape long-term, some do want to stop and some may want to stop as soon as possible, we are happy to help you with this.


How can we help with quitting vaping?

At Teladoc UK we do not offer a vaping cessation service.  What we do offer is a one-off consultation to advise you how to stop vaping if this is something you want to do and you are ready.

When supporting you to stop vaping our priority is to always ensure that you do not return to smoking cigarettes. NICE recommends that people should use vapes for as long as they help prevent them going back to smoking.

During the consultation we will ask you about your reasons for wanting to stop vaping. We will provide accurate information, reassurance and clarify any misinformation in response to your reasons for wanting to stop vaping and we will assess your risk of relapse to smoking.

We will conduct a brief assessment to help tailor guidance and support to you. We will offer advice stop vaping, either gradually or in one step. There are different approaches which are suitable for some people but may not be for others.

We will emphasise to you that if, at any point, you think there is a risk of returning to smoking that you should resume vaping or use another form of nicotine replacement therapy.


For more information, visit the NHS website: Using e-cigarettes to stop smoking – NHS (

Author: Kate Abbitt


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